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Beautiful churches in the Golden State, including The Cathedral of the Blessed Sacrament – home to the Diocese of Sacramento.

Cathedral of the Blessed Sacrament, Sacramento, CA

The centerpiece church of the Diocese of Sacramento, the majestic Cathedral of the Blessed Sacrament, is a physical marker in the historical development of Sacramento. The building has been changed, but unmoved over its 131-year history as documented in a book by the Cathedral Rector Emeritus who oversaw the 2005 Restoration, Reverend Monsignor James T. Murphy (see reference below).

Immaculate Conception Church, Sacramento, CA

The historic Immaculate Conception Church is located in the central Sacramento metropolitan area near the intersections of Highway 99 and Interstate 80 / Highway 50.  The building has stood witness through many changes during its 111-year history and remains an anchor for the parish and community as a place of sacredness, respite and giving.

Our Lady of Grace Church, West Sacramento, CA

The Church of Our Lady of Grace exudes peace and serenity from a simple, beautiful structure located on a busy street in a tree-lined neighborhood of West Sacramento. The one-time military chapel houses an interior showered with the blessings of the patroness, Our Lady of Grace from a large colorful stained-glass window overlooking the sanctuary.

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