Infant Jesus Statue — St. Elizabeth of Portugal Church, Sacramento

On the left side rail of the nave is a traditional, and beautiful statue of the Infant Jesus of Prague.

The statue of Infant Jesus is in the traditionally crowned and robed pose of the young Jesus (reportedly to be initially modeled as a child of 4 to 6 years old) with the two fingers of the right hand held in supplication and the left holding the globe of the earth. There are, however, a couple of somewhat unusual design features: First, is the robe of red-color on the left and blue on the right, with both sides decoratively edged in gold; the second feature is the golden “IHS” symbol (a monogram symbolizing Jesus Christ via the abbreviation of the name of Jesus in Greek for which the first three letters are Iota-Eta-Sigma) with emanating rays shown on the cream-colored cloak – which is also adorned with ornate floral embroidery on the bottom.

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