Our Lady of Aparecida Statue — St. Elizabeth of Portugal Church, Sacramento

A statue of Our Lady of Aparecida (Our Lady Who Appeared) sits on a pedestal along the left wall of the nave.

This image of Our Lady is widely venerated in Brazil (a former Portuguese colony) and her intercession is credited with many miracles. This statue, of who some call the Black Madonna, is covered from head to toe in a black gown with embroidery of silver and white flowers and edged in golden lace. The flags of the Vatican City and Brazil adorn either side of the gown. The face of Our Lady stares straight ahead with her hands folded in front of her chest. She wears an intricate golden crown with hands wrapped in a rosary. An angelic face peers out of the opening of the gown near her feet. This is a beautiful and rare image to encounter in a U.S. church. See more about Our Lady of Aparecida in the Saints section.

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