Sanctuary and Main Altar — St. Elizabeth of Portugal Church, Sacramento

The sanctuary is very beautiful with traditional features and a light-colored marble main altar and altar table. The spacious sanctuary is located on the eastern end of the building under a half-domed apse framing the area.

On the back wall is the focal point of the interior – a large, dark-wood cross with the life-size corpus of Jesus hanging below a parchment that reads, “INRI” (Iesus Nazarenus Rex Iudeorum, “Jesus of Nazareth, King of the Jews”). The back wall itself is painted with a beautiful mural of heavenly clouds on a light blue background.

The main altar reaches a height of around six feet and has a decorative four-sided peaked center cupola with an ornamental top edge leading out from the center to two small gold crosses on either end. A golden Eucharistic tabernacle sits inside a classical enclosure of a red pyramidal top held up by small marble Roman columns. The traditional altar is flanked by golden angels with large folded wings holding globe accent lights. Further ahead in the sanctuary is the altar table also made of light-colored marble with four Roman columns. The front is adorned with a beautiful painted scene of the Last Supper – if able, notice the details of the loaves of bread on the table and the expressions of the disciples surrounding Jesus as He eats at the first Eucharistic meal.

On either side of the main altar are side altars also made of light-colored columned marble. These two altars sit in front of recessed arched niches with the same clouded sky background as the main altar and hold statues of two special intercessors of the Portuguese faithful: Our Lady of Fatima and Saint Elizabeth of Portugal. See more about these statues below.

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