Statues – Cathedral of the Blessed Sacrament

Interior Statues

There are several statues of Saints and the Blessed Mother on the inside and outside of the Cathedral. When one approaches the building from the west, four statues can be seen on the façade – from north to south, they are of: Saint Patrick, Our Lady of Mount Carmel, Saint Joseph and Saint Anthony of Padua.

The exterior statues in monolithic white are styled very traditionally with Saint Patrick holding a shamrock; Our Lady of Mount Carmel holding the Baby Jesus with Brown Scapulars in each hand; Saint Joseph with lilies of purity and a carpenter’s square; and Saint Anthony with lilies on a book wearing a Franciscan habit and Rosary beads at the waist. These statues donated in the 1950’s by the Babich and Lewis families have brass plaques with the name of the person in whose memory the funds for the statue were donated. Three of the statues on the front are in memory of members of the Babich family (Joseph, wife Helen and Marion). The senior, Joseph Babich (born in 1887) was an immigrant from Croatia who became a Sacramento County Superior Court Judge.

Inside the building, the most apparent statues are those on the side-wall of the north transept. These two statues of Saint Joseph and Saint Patrick on either side of the Sistine Madonna painting are believed to be part of the original décor of the building. These German-made statues were the originals from the 1880’s and were restored during the 2005 Restoration, as were the statues of the Blessed Mother and Jesus with His Sacred Heart on the east wall behind the Eucharistic Chapel. On either side of the sanctuary are the restored statues of Saint Anthony on the north and Saint Theresa of Lisieux on the south side. All of the statues inside the Cathedral were originally imported from an ecclesiastical art company in Munich, Germany, so reflect very traditional styling and symbolism. The 2005 Restoration by EverGreene Studios of New York was based on study of existing paint and old photographs prior to refreshing the statues with beautiful hues and trims. Four of the larger-than life statues (Saint Joseph, Saint Patrick, The Blessed Mother and Jesus with His Sacred Heart) are within decorative niches with gold-leaf capital-topped side pillars and ornamental awnings overhead.

The background walls behind the statues are printed with relevant symbolism such as the shamrocks for Saint Patrick, and the IHS acronym and heart enwrapped in the crown of thorns for Jesus’ Sacred Heart. The vivid colors most associated with each sacred persona, e.g. light tan for Saint Joseph, bright green for Saint Patrick, robins-egg-blue for Mary, red for Jesus’ Sacred Heart, brown for Saint Anthony and the crème cape of Saint Teresa of Lisieux, are matched with contrasting trim to form eye-catching designs. One will also notice the realism of the faces when gazing at the statues, as well as see that the eyes of some of the images seem to be looking directly at the viewer, particularly in the case of Saint Joseph and Jesus with His Sacred Heart.

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