Holy Cross Church, West Sacramento, CA

Holy Cross Church in West Sacramento, California is home to what was the original Catholic Parish in this community, founded in 1915. The large neo-Gothic structure sits in a picturesque setting near the Sacramento River and is home to an active Catholic community.

The large parish is famous for its annual festival and the church can accommodate 650 for popular services; and is also available for quiet prayer. The building includes beautiful stained-glass windows, as well as three images of Our Lady of Guadalupe. Daily Masses are held at 8:30 a.m. and weekend Masses include services in both English and Spanish.

The large neo-Gothic structure of Holy Cross Church sits on a spacious corner parcel of land in the middle of the community, once known as, Bryte, California, nestled below a bend in the Sacramento River. The pale-yellow brick church is overseen by a tall attached bell-tower with a Celtic-style cross on top bringing to mind the Irish priest who was instrumental in its building. The red terracotta roof and long rectangular base are reminiscent of the California Missions which dot the nearby Pacific Coast while the pointed-arch stained-glass windows lining the sides and the front show the neo-Gothic styling.

The façade of the church is dominated by tall concentric tri-layered pointed-arches framing a stained-glass window depicting Christ the King. The arch reaches a height of approximately 25 feet surrounding the 10-foot window. The angled roof of the façade bears another cross, and on either side of the front of the structure are two majestic Canary Island Date palm trees standing nearly 40 feet high which frame the church in a picture-postcard scene.

The church property also includes former parish school buildings now used an Adult Charter School, an administrative building, the rectory and a large black-topped parking lot.

Address: 1321 Anna St, West Sacramento, CA 95605

Phone: (916) 371-1211

Sanctuary and Main Altar — Holy Cross Church, West Sacramento

The sanctuary is located in a squared apse on the west end of the building beneath a paneled wood ceiling baffle with the inscription “IHS” (Greek monogram of Iesous Christos, or Jesus Christ) signifying the central figure in the story of the Holy Cross. The back wall of the sanctuary is designed to accommodate long drapes in the color of the liturgical season to provide a fitting backdrop for the central area of the Mass.

Our Lady of Guadalupe — Holy Cross Church, West Sacramento

There are three beautiful images of Our Lady of Guadalupe in the church. To the left of the sanctuary near the side entrance is a large and beautiful shrine to Our Lady of Guadalupe; and another mosaic image of Our Lady of Guadalupe is located in the left rear corner of the nave. The third can be found in the vestibule.

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