The Blessed Mother Chapel — Holy Cross Church, West Sacramento

A very special feature of the church is the peaceful chapel of the Blessed Mother on the southwest side of the building next to the sanctuary. In the front corner of the chapel is a beautiful image of The Blessed Mother displaying her Immaculate Heart.

This lovely image of Our Lady adorned in a deep blue mantle with gold trim of fleur-de-lis has her head tilted downward in prayer with eyes closed. Her right hand is over her heart while her left holds a stem of three lilies symbolizing her purity. Around her neck is a Rosary as she encourages us to pray to her.

This quiet room is the perfect place to pray the Rosary (or a decade of it) in the presence of the grace which could be associated with her image in this sacred spot. High on the left side wall are Stations of the Cross which can be another focus for meditation in this noiseless chapel. When Mass or Services are being held in the main building, the sanctuary and celebration of the Mass can be seen through clear windows at the front of the chapel which includes about ten light-colored wooden pews in the same style as the nave.

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