Stained-Glass Windows — Holy Cross Church, West Sacramento

Beautiful colors stream into the church from stained-glass windows lining both sides of the nave (central part a church building for the congregation) and the clerestory (upper side-walls of the nave) overhead.

The clerestory bears lovely stained-glass windows of the Glorious and Joyful Mysteries of the Rosary. Each of the windows, largely in colors of blue and red, depicts a scene illustrating the Mystery, as well as a small inscription memorializing the person or family who gifted the funds for the window. At the top of each window is a symbolic image such as a dove for the Holy Spirit or a Menorah reflecting the Jewish beliefs of the Holy Family at the Presentation.

On the side walls of the nave are small rectangular stained-glass windows of similar coloring to those in the clerestory. These windows have images of saints important to the people of the parish like, Saint Thomas, Saint Jude, Saint James, Saint James the Less, and many others. Below each image are the names of the donors

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