Statues — Holy Cross Church, West Sacramento

The church is selectively adorned with statues and shrines of particular meaning for the parish, such as the three images of this page.

On either side of the sanctuary, about two-thirds of the way to the ceiling are similarly motif’d statues of The Holy Family on the left and Jesus displaying His Sacred Heart on the right. Both statues are of light wood-colored tones standing on bases of rock. In the Holy Family setting, Jesus looks up to His mother almost pleadingly as she looks down at Him sorrowfully. Although the early life of Jesus was likely pleasant in this family setting, both may have been anticipating the unavoidable difficulties that lie ahead. A haloed Saint Joseph stands protectively behind his foster-Son. In the Sacred Heart statue, Jesus holds up His left hand clearly showing a nail mark of His suffering while His right hand, also marked by a nail-piercing, is over His Sacred Heart. Jesus’ stoic gaze offers His mercy to us.

Further away from the sanctuary on the right is a statue of the Patron Saint of Hopeless causes, Saint Jude Thaddeus. The image of Saint Jude holds an image of Jesus known as the “Image of Edessa” which depicts an imprint of the face of Jesus on a cloth given by Saint Jude to King Abgar of Edessa for his healing; and, in his right hand is a club symbolic of his manner of martyrdom. The Saint Jude shrine is very accessible to petitioners close to the nave floor.

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