Sanctuary and Main Altar — Holy Rosary Church, Woodland

The entire layout of the church leads the focus to the sparsely adorned sanctuary on the eastern end of the church. The long, high-ceilinged nave leads to a series of steps rising from the main floor to the main altar and finally the back altar which holds the golden tabernacle. The Holy Eucharist and overhead crucifix beneath the majestic 25-foot-high ciborium attracts attention immediately upon entry at the opposite end of the building.

The ciborium over the altar replicates the design of the façade with a rounded arch beneath a pointed roof and reflects the coming of the Holy Spirit in the form of a gold-gilded dove facing downward from the peak. The underside of the ciborium is painted with a wispy cloud scene and is supported by four dark-green Italian marble (verde issorie) columns topped with intricately ornamented capitals.

Beneath the ciborium is a marble back-altar table holding a golden tabernacle beneath a beautiful suspended crucifix. The holy tabernacle bears operable doors etched with kneeling archangels flanking a cross over a sunburst pattern. The 4-foot wooden crucifix hangs over the tabernacle. The crucifix bears the lifeless body of Jesus with His head leaning to His left. The ends of the cross arms are studded with brass decorations and behind the cross is a wrought sunburst reflecting the hope of the Resurrection to come.

The main altar table is a simply adorned platform draped with a table cloth of the color of the relevant liturgical season.

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