Stained-glass Windows — Holy Rosary Church, Woodland

Holy Rosary Church is filled with tall, thin and colorful stained-glass windows that line the side walls of the nave and shed graceful lighting on the peaceful interior during the afternoon hours. These windows illustrate scenes from three Mysteries of the Rosary (Glorious, Joyful and Sorrowful).

The windows were purchased with parishioner donations in the third Holy Rosary Church (completed in 1913). The windows in lovely colors of blue, red and white are set in rounded-arch openings with the scenes of the lives of Mary and Jesus set in decorative frames within the repeated arched-column motif used throughout the building. The windows are visually stunning and so large that contemplation of one is sufficient fodder for a period of meditation on the holy mystery. Interestingly, one of the windows is of a “mixed” Mystery with The Agony in the Garden (1st Sorrowful Mystery) on the top half and the bottom half displays The Finding of Jesus in the Temple (5th Joyful Mystery). On another, the top half of the window illustrates the patroness of the parish: Queen of the Most Holy Rosary, but it is not one of the “Mysteries” – the bottom half of the window shows the Coronation of Mary as Queen of Heaven and Earth (5th Glorious Mystery). That said, all of the windows are physically very beautiful and provide excellent material for contemplation of the central scenes of the Savior and His Mother, and essentially, the story of salvation, which is told through the various Mysteries of the Rosary.

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