Stations of the Cross — Holy Rosary Church, Woodland

Along the sidewalls of the nave of Holy Rosary Church are museum-quality paintings of the Stations of the Cross. The colorful oil paintings depicting the scenes of the path to Golgotha are enclosed in lovely carved wood frames with decorative pieces capping the tops of the side columns and a cross over the centered scrollwork.

The number and inscription of the portrayed scene is shown above and below each painting. Each Station contains the expression of emotion of the participants in their faces, but also in the details of each scene. In Station Number One, Jesus is Condemned to Death, the soldier shows a smug glare as he holds an indifferent Jesus before Pontius Pilate who is shown physically washing his hands of the matter as he turns Jesus over to the crowd for crucifixion. In Station Number Eight, Jesus Consoles the Holy Women, Jesus hand is raised in consolation to the women weeping, waving and praying as the soldiers lead Jesus, tied at the waist, along the road to his death. In Station Number Thirteen, Jesus is Taken Down from the Cross, the clouds are darkened, as are the mourning faces of Mary, John and the accompanying women tending to Jesus’ body as the crown of thorns and nails lay nearby.

These descriptive and historic painted Stations are from Holy Rosary Academy and were removed when the building burned in 1952.

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