Sanctuary and Main Altar — Immaculate Conception Church, Sacramento

Main altar is centered underneath a semicircular arch spanning the sanctuary and bisecting the apse of the church. One is drawn to the main altar by the architectural movement of the two columns of pews in the main part of the nave, as well as the pews in the side aisles underneath the arcade arches that also propel the observer forward.

The sanctuary is elevated by two steps onto solid wood flooring and contains the main altar table, the ambo, a lectern for announcements, chairs for the celebrants and the tabernacle – all backdropped by a simple crucifix, with a life-size, white plaster corpus of Jesus, on a wood panel wall decorated by adjoining rectangles.

The main altar table is a simple table which is part of the table installed during the 1959 remodeling.  This is the center portion of that table – the outer portions are now used as the shelf for the tabernacle and the ambo (lectern for liturgical readings and the Homily).  The table is draped in a decorative table cloth aligned with the liturgical season and on this day adorned with a pair of angel statues on either front corner.

The sanctuary lamp hangs from a pendant fixture on the right side-wall of the sanctuary.  The eternal flame is enclosed in a red glass flute secured in an ornate brass holder suspended by three brass chains decorated with alternating decorative cross designs and links.

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