Stations of the Cross — Immaculate Conception Church, Sacramento

Station #8 - Jesus Meets the Women of Jerusalem

Carefully crafted Stations of the Cross line the wood-paneled side walls of the nave.  Per parish records, the Stations were created by Eugenio Pattarino and imported from Italy in the mid-1960’s

The sculpted statues are of a base white fired color highlighted with glazed colors painted on garments, haloes and some other features like shoes and the cross.  The images contain great detail, especially of the human anatomy which is readily apparent in the muscles and sinews of Jesus’ body on Station Number Thirteen where the lifeless body is taken down from the cross or Station Number Eleven where Jesus is nailed to the cross.  The facial expressions are also particularly moving as one can note on the same Stations referenced previously: the pained face of Jesus as the nail is driven through His left hand or the Blessed Mother’s face as she receives the lifeless body of her Son.  Another interesting example of the emotion expressed in these Stations is that of Number Eight where Jesus Meets the Women of Jerusalem.  In this Station, one of the concerned women holds an infant in her arms as she looks up to Jesus wondering what to do.  It is at this time when Jesus uttered the words, “Weep not for me, but for yourselves and for your children” Luke (23:28).

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