Saint Thaddeus Stained-Glass Window — Our Lady of Grace Church, West Sacramento

The facade of the entrance-side (west) of the church is adorned with a beautiful stained-glass window of Saint Thaddeus. The lovely image is set within pointed Gothic-arch framing.

The primarily green image of the haloed Saint holds his left hand over his heart in reverence; and in his right hand, the Saint holds a spear (which is symbolically associated with the manner of his martyrdom). The background of the image is a green curtain, and a bucolic setting of green trees and a white-cloud-studded blue sky. The predominance of green in the image is symbolic of hope and renewal – which is particularly important for Saint Thaddeus (widely referred to as Saint Jude Thaddeus), the patron of hopeless causes. Overhead at the top of the arch is a carpenter’s calipers which are also associated with Saint Thaddeus. The saint was one of the twelve apostles of Jesus who is thought to have been martyred in Persia around the year 65 along with Saint Simon. The Saint is now frequently called Saint Jude, and the designation of Saint Thaddeus was used in the old Latin Rite of the church, possibly to clearly distinguish him from the traitor apostle, Saint Judas Iscariot. The apostle saint is widely known in the U.S. as the patron of St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital originally sponsored by entertainment star Danny Thomas in 1962. Saint Jude Thaddeus’ feast day is on October 28.

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