Saint Joseph Church, Clarksburg, CA

Saint Joseph Catholic Church is located at a picturesque place along the Sacramento River just north of Clarksburg, CA. 

The well-manicured grounds contain tended rose gardens and a peaceful Memorial Walk for prayer and contemplation.  The red-brick church constructed in 1924 looks as if it was built much more recently.  Inside the church are many statues, paintings and beautiful woodwork to enhance the sacred experience.  Masses are held daily at 8:15 a.m., and there are three Sunday Masses and a Saturday vigil Mass.

The church, parish hall and rectory are situated on a beautifully landscaped site just below the levee road on the west side of the Sacramento River near Clarksburg.  The grounds are in a serene location amid the surrounding orchards and vineyards typifying this area in the Sacramento River Delta.  The red brick church building has the tone of California Mission architecture with the steeple-topped façade holding the church bell in an arched window; and a red Spanish-tile roof.  Four decorative orb-topped cornice pieces frame the church bell with a small cross on the top.  The double entrance-doors to the church are framed by a multi-layered brick archway.

The original church building was constructed in 1893 on a site on the banks of the Sacramento River just on the other side of the current levee road. The current building was reconstructed in 1924, with wood from the original church, when it was relocated, along with the rectory, from its initial location directly east of the present site.

The scenic location of Saint Joseph’s Church in the fertile Delta is especially beautiful in the early morning hours when the eastern rising sun spectacularly lights the red-brick façade.

Address: 32890 S River Rd, Clarksburg, CA 95612

Phone: (916) 665-1132

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