Sanctuary and Main Altar — St. Rose Church, Sacramento

The spare sanctuary of St. Rose’s Church sits beneath a ribbed, barrel-vaulted roof and is framed in a large floor-to-ceiling decorative Doric archway in front of three twenty-foot high stained-glass windows

Suspended overhead by wires from the ceiling is a simply-designed life-size Crucifix which is the focal point of the church interior.  A golden tabernacle with a rotating door is topped with an orb and cross and sits on the back altar table behind the wide main altar table (reportedly made of two types of Italian marble); but, is generally draped with a decorative cloth of color based on the liturgical season.

A striking wall of three stained-glass windows is a backdrop to the sanctuary aligned between sets of three arches atop pillars leading to anterooms on either side.  The windows are largely navy blue with diamonds of deep red ornamenting the bottom parts of the windows leading to the image of the St. Rose of Lima in the top window. The Saint Rose image is distinguished by the halo of roses and the image of Baby Jesus in front. The window designs are just enough to provide a focal draw for the eye, but not overpowering to detract from the central focus of the Eucharistic event on the main altar table.

On either side of the windowed wall stand lovely white images of Our Blessed Mother on the left and Saint Joseph on the right.