St. Anthony’s Catholic Church, Walnut Grove, CA

St. Anthony’s Catholic Church has anchored a tranquil residential neighborhood in the historic Sacramento River town of Walnut Grove for over 90 years. The red-tiled brick edifice houses a peaceful interior that is bathed with light filtered through 32 stained-glass windows including 12 windows depicting scenes of Jesus, St. Anthony, the Blessed Mother and other Saints special to the parish. The serene worship space is ideal for prayer and contemplation surrounded by traditional statues and shrines. Outside, a prayerful shrine to the Blessed Mother occupies part of the spacious grounds along with a parish hall and a rectory. The small, but pious parish supports a clergy who hold numerous Masses throughout the week: 8:30 a.m. Masses on Tuesday through Saturday; and 3 weekend Masses including a Saturday vigil Mass in Spanish.

Address: 14012 Walnut Avenue, Walnut Grove, California 95690
Phone: (916) 776-1330
Current Pastor: Rev. Paolo Dorrego, PES

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St. Anthony’s Catholic Church, Walnut Grove, CA – Architecture & Grounds

The red brick neo-Romanesque church stands on a large parcel of the land within an idyllic residential portion of the town of Walnut Grove. The building designed by prominent Sacramento architect Harry J. Devine was constructed in 1931. The church has rounded arches and a fortress-like design, along with a highly-decorative multi-layered tympanum over the double doors on the east-facing entrance to the church reflecting classical Romanesque architecture.

St. Anthony’s Catholic Church, Walnut Grove, CA – Sanctuary and Main Altar

The sanctuary is situated on the western end of the church with the architectural movement of the arched-arcades leading to the location of the sacrificial celebration. The altars stand in front of the wood sanctuary backdrop enhanced with a large stained-glass window showing Jesus praying in the Garden of Gethsemane.

The new main altar table and the back altar of sturdy dark wood were recently dedicated in a Mass with Bishop Jaime Soto on September 26, 2021

St. Anthony’s Catholic Church, Walnut Grove, CA – Stained-glass of the Patron Saint Anthony

The sacred experience of the church is enhanced by the presence of 12 large stained-glass windows on the side walls and each end of the church; while 20 decorative windows line the upper side walls of the clerestory. The ethnic make-up of the church in the early years is reflected in the subjects of the windows, as well as the donors. Three Irish saints are depicted on the side walls and the round window over the sanctuary was donated by Mrs. Michael Riordan. The large window on the front shows the Portuguese patron St. Anthony of Padua.

St. Anthony’s Catholic Church, Walnut Grove, CA – Infant Jesus Statue

Traditional statues of St. Joseph, St. Anthony and the Blessed Mother and Jesus grace the church to provide focus for contemplation and prayer. Many of the statues have been present since the construction of the church over ninety years ago. In a rear corner of the church is an image of the Infant Jesus of Prague mounted in a gold-framed wall sconce made by a parishioner, hanging over a candle stand used by the faithful to physically raise their petitions to the Child King.

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