St. Anthony’s Catholic Church, Walnut Grove, CA – Stained-glass of the Patron Saint Anthony

St. Anthony's Vision at Camposampiero

The sacred experience of the church is enhanced by the presence of 12 large stained-glass windows on the side walls and each end of the church; while 20 decorative windows line the upper side walls of the clerestory. The ethnic make-up of the church in the early years is reflected in the subjects of the windows, as well as the donors. Three Irish saints are depicted on the side walls and the round window over the sanctuary was donated by Mrs. Michael Riordan. The large window on the front shows the Portuguese patron St. Anthony of Padua.

On the front of the building is a round window of the patron St. Anthony of Padua illustrating his vision of the Child Jesus at the Italian hermitage in Camposampiero in 1231. The window depicts the Saint in a hooded Franciscan habit with the rope belt, as well as a book (the Bible) symbolizing the Saint’s knowledge of Scripture which he spread through preaching and instruction. The story goes that after many years of ministry and teaching, St. Anthony was in need of well-deserved rest and retreated to the hermitage in Camposampiero near Padua, Italy. One evening, St. Anthony’s room was lit by a powerful light and the Saint was observed with an image of the Baby Jesus. At the request of St. Anthony, the observer told no one of this vision until after St. Anthony’s death a short while later in 1231

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