Featured Churches Honoring Our Lady of Lourdes

Feast Day 2020 at Our Lady of Lourdes Church, Halasuru, Bangalore, India

The Feast Day of Our Lady of Lourdes is on Friday February 11th and churches the world over will celebrate Our Lady’s first appearance on February 11, 1858 to a young Bernadette Soubrious at a grotto near Lourdes, France. The Blessed Mother appeared eighteen times to (now) Saint Bernadette over the next five months as she eventually revealed herself as The Immaculate Conception. You can read more about the story of the appearances and miracles at Lourdes, France at https://churchwonders.com/mary-saints/mother-mary/our-lady-of-lourdes-a-devotion-of-healing/

Resurrection Church, Bangalore, India

The Resurrection Church is a peaceful oasis on a busy corner in Indiranagar just across the street from the Swami Vivekananda Metro station. The sacred structure is newish to the scene of Bangalore having been built in 1976, however, the roots of the parish go back more than 75 years to the French Sisters of the Good Shepherded who purchased the site in 1920 before later donating it for the church building. The church houses two lovely images of Mother Mary including a glass-encased image used as a prayer shrine. The outside courtyard displays a life-size stone Lourdes Grotto with a dual-face Our Lady of Lourdes image on the top: one inward toward the church, and one face outward toward the people streaming by on Old Madras Road.

St. Mary’s Church, Sacramento, CA

Mary is beautifully honored in the architecturally-unique church that sits beneath the lighthouse bell tower along Folsom Boulevard in eastern Sacramento. Our Lady greets visitors from a gold-mosaic niche above the front doors that hints of the splendor to be found inside beneath the ceiling canopy of a blue sky filled with clouds leading to a star-studded sanctuary radiating around a glowing niche of the parish patroness. The church, originally a bastion of the Italian community, is filled with images of devotions special to the Italian people including the Infant Mary Chapel honoring Maria Bambina (Baby Mary). Deep-blue stained-glass windows in the north clerestory illustrate the Solemnities of Mary and the transept windows communicate both beauty and some history of the church.

St. Michael’s Church, Madikeri, India

A tall cross-topped bell tower on a hill over a busy street scene in Madikeri can be seen from all around the hilly city in Coorg; and beckons the faithful to the peaceful St. Michael’s Church. After a greeting from the patron Saint Michael the Archangel at the entrance gate, the large compound houses the church, a school, a chapel and a life-size Lourdes Grotto with an altar table for Mass celebrations. Inside the airy church one will find serenity in front of the three-paneled main altar backdrop with bright hopeful background anchored by the Crucifixion of Jesus with Our Lady of Lourdes on the left and St. Michael on the right. The church also contains a glass-encased shrine of Mother Mary and Baby Jesus, along with a lighted display of Our Mother of Perpetual Help.

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