Infant Jesus Church and Shrine, Bangalore, India

The Infant Jesus Church and Shrine is a relatively new pilgrimage site in Bangalore dedicated to, and built upon, the devotion to a statue of a young Jesus known as the Infant Jesus of Prague.

The Church and Shrine compound attract many thousands of visitors each year – both Catholics and non-Christians from across the world. The site is open year-round with daily Masses in three languages including English; and special Masses and events held on Thursdays with nine Masses in six languages. The period January 4th to January 14th each year is reserved for special activities culminating with the festival celebration of Infant Jesus including a parade of the statue on a palanquin through the local streets. The Church and Shrine complex is a venue for large celebrations, but there are also have several sacred spots available for contemplation.

The Infant Jesus Church and Shrine occupies a large plot of land of approximately four and one-half acres in the Viveknagar neighborhood of Bangalore. The complex is elevated approximately 10 feet over street level and features a large, modern architecture church, a smaller, but impressive Shine to Infant Jesus, a bookstore and shop, all surrounded by a large patio for attendees, devotees, faithful and visitors to congregate. To conveniently accommodate the ever-growing amounts of visitors, the complex includes a modern, underground parking garage. The modern architecture, mainly blue and white, round concrete structure is very large and reportedly capable of holding over 2,500 of the faithful. It is topped by a lighted red-cross and surrounded by open-air windows and doors that instill a sensation of being one with the world when inside the building – and also allows freedom of entrance and exit for the many who visit the church. In addition, there are many objects of sacredness to focus on throughout the church, including the large Nativity Scene over the main altar and small Infant Jesus statue just below – and the Shrine to Infant Jesus in the adjacent building.

Address:  Bazaar Street, Rose Garden, Vannarpet Layout, Vivek Nagar, Bengaluru, Karnataka 560047, India

Phone: +91 80 2530 1206

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