Congregation Seating Area — Infant Jesus Church, Bangalore

The church can draw large crowds for special occasions and can accommodate up to 2,500 people.

In some ways, the church interior has a stadium-like feeling which is to be expected in order to accommodate 2,500 people. That said, there are many objects of sacredness to focus on throughout the church, especially the very large Nativity Scene over the main altar and small Infant Jesus statue just below which are perfect targets of focus for contemplation. The church has both floor seating and a more limited number of seats in a balcony overlooking the pews below. The seating area is a fan-shaped, half-cone radiating out from high-above the central altarpiece with a white functional ceiling supported by long iron beams. The pews are arranged in a circular fashion so that all attendees can feel part of the celebration focused on the main altar in the center of the church. The pews are straight-backed, dark wood without kneelers.

The church has nine entrances and opening windows on all sides – the doors and windows are usually open to allow air and visitors to flow freely. Nonetheless, in spite of the large size, the interior can feel very sacred, and very peaceful during times when a Mass is not underway and visitors are few.

In keeping with the Nativity theme of a church dedicated to Infant Jesus, over the front entrance is a beautiful, dark-blue background painting of the of the Three Kings (“Magi”) and a camel under the Star of Bethlehem.

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