Infant Jesus Shrine, Bangalore – Exterior

The image of the Infant Jesus is housed in a separate building to the right of the church.

The Infant Jesus Shrine, of course, is a must see which attracts thousands, if not millions of visitors of all faiths each year. The Shrine is housed in a two-story building with a pillared-façade which has the words “The More You Honour Me, The More I Will Bless You” over the front entrance and written on the back wall of the Shrine inside the building. The façade of the building has a colorful painting of Jesus speaking to the little children and atop the structure, in addition to a dome with a cross, are statutes of Jesus with outstretched arms and eight saints. Within the Shrine building is a large, glass-enclosed statue of Infant Jesus.

The second story of the Shrine building includes some administrative offices, as well as the Miraculous Infant Jesus Museum. The unique museum houses artifacts related to miraculous cures and happenings attributed to Infant Jesus including letters of praise and thanksgiving, bills of local currency and even a stethoscope from a grateful doctor. The museum has many artifacts crowded into a small space which doesn’t at first seem very appealing, but after reading some of the many moving stories documented here, one will likely have a change of opinion.

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