Infant Jesus Shrine, Bangalore – Interior

A beautiful statue of the Infant Jesus awaits veneration inside the shrine building.

Within the Shrine building is a large, glass-enclosed statue of Infant Jesus topped by a red crown and surrounded by a white marble back wall and flooring. In front of the main shrine is a kneeling area and two smaller robed statues of Infant Jesus for the faithful to touch when praying at the Shrine (colors of the robes are changed based on the occasion); as well as a large donations container. High on the back wall of the Shrine are three stained glass windows depicting: 1) Jesus speaking in the Temple as a child; 2) Secular leaders paying homage to Infant Jesus; and 3) The Holy Family enjoying a picnic outing. The shrine also includes seating in the side vestibules for prayerful worship and high overhead is a lighted crystal chandelier.

The statue of Infant Jesus is modeled after the statue of Infant Jesus of Prague which is to represent Jesus at 4 to 6 years of age. The statue in the Bangalore Shrine is that of a standing Child wearing a crown and a robe; His right hand is extended in blessing; and, in His left, a globe/representation of the Earth topped with a cross. In this Shrine, the robe of Infant Jesus is varied on color depending on the feast or liturgical season of the Church calendar; as is the style of the crown, but the crown color remains as red.

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