Our Lady of Vailankanni Roadside Shrine

A Shine of Our Lady of Good Heath with St. Anthony, and Our Lady of the Rosary, sits just across the way.

Across the busy, but narrow street from the Infant Jesus complex are many shops, some selling Infant Jesus souvenirs and flowers, garlands and other offerings. Next to this lineup of shops is a lovely glass-enclosed Shrine holding a statue of Our Lady of Vailankanni, a popular local image representing Our Lady of Good Health. At Our Lady’s feet are smaller statues of Our Lady of the Rosary, Infant Jesus and St. Anthony. Blue and white striped candles are painted on two of the golden columns surrounding the glass enclosure. A metal roof has been constructed over the Shrine to protect it and visitors from the elements. It is one of many sacred roadside Shrines that exist right along busy city streets and more rural roads throughout India.

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