Sanctuary and Main Altar – Our Lady of Lourdes Church, Halasuru, Bangalore, India

The sanctuary is located at the northwest end of the church beneath a high-ceilinged apex at the crossing of the cruciform layout and flanked by tall golden columns. The back wall designs lead eyes heavenward with outlines of large, pointed arches.

In the middle of the granite-covered back wall is a modern-designed crucifix of aluminum cross-members and a copper-colored Corpus of Jesus. Higher on the back wall is a four-panel stained-glass window depicting the Crucifixion scene in a French-mosaic pattern with colors of blue, red and creme. Each of the four panels is set in a narrow-arched frame beneath a series of smaller frames and windows culminating at the peak with three small rose windows. The scene depicts Jesus on the cross surrounded by the three women (Mother Mary, Mary Magdalen and Mary of Clopas) with Saint John on the left and a roman soldier on the right. At present, this is the only stained-glass window in the church and is a fitting backdrop of the sanctuary for contemplation of the saving death of Jesus.

The simple altar table sits on the marble sanctuary base elevated by a few steps from the nave floor. The golden Eucharistic tabernacle just below the Crucifix forms the focal point of the entire building, and Eucharistic Celebration.

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