Statues – Our Lady of Lourdes Church, Halasuru, Bangalore, India

Mary and Saint Joseph in Ordinary and Feast Regalia

There are only two statues inside the church making it, in this way, reminiscent of a Protestant church which mostly have little in the way of statues and shrines. In this church, these statues of the humans most close to Jesus,

that of his Mother and Foster-Father are placed on small altars on either side of the sanctuary. Each statue sits within a pointed arch, gold-framed alcove ahead of a floral-printed black background wall. The statues are of a traditional design with each bearing historic liturgical aspects.

On the left side of the altar (at the right hand of God) is a statue of the Our Lady of Lourdes (Mother Mary, Blessed Virgin Mary), the patroness of the parish, depicted almost exactly as described by Saint Bernadette to whom Our Lady appeared in 1858. She wears a white gown with blue sash around her waist and folded hands. The face of Our Lady is looking upward in prayer and a rosary hangs from her right arm; with roses on her bare feet. The candle-stand in the front of the holy image almost always has lit candles carrying intercessions of the faithful upward in the smoke of the burning wax.

On the right side of the altar, in his traditional position opposite Mother Mary, is a statue of Saint Joseph holding Baby Jesus in His right hand and a lily representing purity in his left hand. Saint Joseph is clothed in a purple tunic draped with a brown cloak. His forward gaze is expressionless, except for a hint of concern for the future fate of his foster-son Jesus, and for his petitioners. The Baby Jesus is clothed in pink and raises His right hand with two fingers aloft in blessing with His left hand over His sacred heart. Even at this young age, His expression of care is seen.

On Feast Days, the statues of Mother Mary and Saint Joseph to the left and right of the sanctuary are decorated with ribbons, flowers and lights as shown in the photos here. On special occasions, other statues are set up in the church: for example, around the Feast Day of St. Sebastian, a beautiful red-draped shrine with flowers and colored string-lights is set up in his honor.

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