Our Lord Jesus Christ Statue — Vailankanni Shrine, New Delhi

A statue of Our Lord Jesus Christ is located in a glass-encased shrine to the left of the main altar at Our Lady of Vailankanni Shrine in New Delhi, India.

On this day, He was dressed in a long pink robe like that of Our Lady behind the main altar; and wearing a tall golden mitre. In front of the case was a golden crucifix and two lighted candles in golden candlestick holders. The statue has His right hand slightly raised in blessing and His gaze is downward. The location of this statue is not considered to be improper given that the tabernacle with a small statue of Jesus is located in the center of the main altar just below the central statue of Our Lady of Vailankanni with a Crucifix overhead. Per the University of Dayton International Marian Research Institute, “Marian images should be placed so as to always lead to Jesus, the Eucharist, a Crucifix, or the Trinity and not distract from them or take their place”.