Mother Mary Shrine — Resurrection Church, Bangalore

A glass-encased Shrine to Mother Mary with emphasis on her Immaculate Heart is located in the very back of the church on the left side. 

The statue inside the glass is at times garlanded, and surrounded with beautiful flowers – and can also be illuminated with interior lights.  The Shrine enclosure is made of dark wood and topped by a blue lighted cross.  This beautiful Shine is visited by many to offer prayer and petitions – with the ability to light a candle on the stand in front of the Shrine. This Shrine is especially beautiful when lit during the periods before and after a Mass.  The Immaculate Heart of Mary has a devotion second only to Jesus’ Sacred Heart. The original concept has scriptural basis in Chapter 2 of Luke’s Gospel where the phrase “Mary kept all things in her heart, that there she might ponder over them” appears twice.  The devotion to the Immaculate Heart of Mary seems to have been first propagated in France by Saint John Eudes in 1648; and in 1805, Pope Pius VII instituted a feast to honor the Immaculate Heart of Mary.