Sanctuary and Main Altar — Resurrection Church, Bangalore

Within the sanctuary of the Resurrection Church, at the front of the long rectangular church is the main altar table that is granite-faced and is draped by a cloth covering with liturgical symbols; and a color that varies with the Liturgical Season. 

The table and other sanctuary furnishings are located on an elevated granite platform approximately 2 feet off the nave floor.  The front piece on the bottom of the table is adorned with a large white fish which has been used since early Christianity as a symbol for Jesus Christ (the letters of the Greek word “ichthys” are the first letters of the words of “Jesus Christ, Son of God, Savior”).  Behind the altar table is a slightly more elevated preaching pulpit, and another is located in a traditional location to the left of the altar.  There are three large wooden chairs behind the altar for the priest and others participating in the Mass.

The backdrop for the altar table are three large panels with altar tables decorated with a cloth matching that of the main altar table.  The panels from left to right:

  1. A statue of the Risen Jesus in front of a white background carrying a cross.
  2. The center panel is of Jesus on the cross outlined in red lighting making a very attractive focus for the church.
  3. The right panel is a lighted Dove depicting the Holy Spirit.