Sanctuary and Main Altar — Sacred Heart Church, Bangalore

The beautiful and colorful main altar is located under the eastern-end apse at the end of a series of arches supporting the long ceiling high above the center aisle.

The focal point of the church and the altar is the larger-than-life statue of Jesus displaying His Sacred Heart with His left hand and raising His right in supplication. This image, as well as statues of Mother Mary (on the left) and Saint Joseph (on the right) are located on stands in front of a large gray granite wall adorned by a multi-angled portico top and semicircular arch connecting two gold, Corinthian-capitals atop parallel side pilasters. The three statues all are brightly colored, but with their heads bowed exude a profound sense of humility which is accentuated by the phrases on either side of the altar, “Jesus Died For Me” and “Jesus Lives For Me”; and on this day, an altar cloth with the words, “By Your Wounds We Are Healed”.

The altar table sits on a slightly-elevated white marble floor inside a wood-topped communion rail. Two dark wooden chairs and the presider’s pulpit are located just behind the altar table.

On either side of the altar are arched, curtained-openings to allow entry and exit from the sanctuary. On the left side of the altar is a large wooden Crucifix and on the right is an image of the Holy Spirit as a dove with rays of grace radiating downward. Just below the dove, is the holy Tabernacle framed by a white marble arch and columns.

The sanctuary is surrounded by columns and pilasters with gold Corinthian-capitals on top of each. Between the pilasters, stained-glass windows ring the high walls near to peak of the apse ceiling. The three stained-glass windows directly above the main altar mirror the images on the altar with Jesus and His Sacred Heart between windows of Mary with folded hands and Saint Joseph holding a stem of lilies.