Welcoming Jesus — Sacred Heart Church, Bangalore

Sacred Heart Church has one of the most visible and memorable statues of Jesus with outstretched arms atop a building to the right side of the courtyard.

In the front of the church is a large tiled-paver parking lot which is faced by an administrative building which is includes a seller of religious articles and books. Over the entrance of the building are the words, “Prabhu Yesu Nilaya” which translates to “The Lord Jesus”. On the top of the building is a welcoming statue of Jesus with outstretched arms (which is lighted at night) and below that are two scriptural verses emphasizing the welcome, “I am the Way, and the Truth and the Life (John 14:6)” and “Come to Me…I Will Give You Rest (Matthew 11:28)”. The building façade includes metal grills over the openings bent to the shape of the Eucharist (Chalice and Host) and a dove representing the Holy Spirit. There is also a lovely round stained-glass window just beneath the Jesus statue which depicts Jesus offering the Eucharist to two seated recipients.