Saint Francis Xavier Cathedral, Bangalore, India

Saint Francis Xavier Cathedral is the seat (cathedra) of the Archbishop of the Archdiocese of Bangalore, currently the Most Reverend Dr. Peter Machado.  The Cathedral is an impressive physical and spiritual gathering point for the Roman Catholics of Bangalore, as well as other seekers of the sacred.

The architecturally appealing Neo-Romanesque granite stone edifice was completed in 1932 and is located on a large parcel of land along the busy St. John’s Road in the Frazer Town neighborhood of Bangalore.  In addition to being the focus church of the Catholic community in the city, the compound also holds three parish-related schools (St. Aloysius’, St. Anthony’s and St. Rock’s); and a Shrine to St. Anthony.  The church is topped by three large blue and white cross-topped domes (lighted at night) which are visible for blocks around the site – two of the domes were recently added to the structure in 2009 on the platinum jubilee anniversary. The magnificent northwest-facing three-layered front of the building contains a Roman-style portico in the middle layer which houses a rose-shaped stained-glass window typical of the design of many European cathedrals.  Between the two upper domes on the front is a statue of the patron Saint Francis Xavier in a shelter also resembling a smaller Roman portico with a triangle roof and columns on either side.  Above the front doors of the church is a sign in Kannada script which reads, “I am the Light, I am the Way, and I am the Truth”. The interior of the church is in a formal cruciform design with a central altar focal point of Jesus on the cross with six side altar shrines and several other unique shrines along the side walls.

At the edge of the plaza stands a very tall silver and brass flagpole, just in front of the Cathedral steps which serves as a posing point for visitors. The flagpole overlooks a huge open plaza that is filled with the faithful on major feast days, and is also used for parking.

The Cathedral holds six Masses in several languages on Sundays and three daily Masses on Kannada, Tamil and English.

Address: St. Johns Church Road, Father Servanton Circle, Cleveland Town, Bengaluru, Karnataka 560005, India

Phone: +91 80 2536 2570

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