Sanctuary and Main Altar — St. Francis Xavier Cathedral, Bangalore

The large sanctuary beneath the overhead dome leading one’s thoughts skyward is a clothed-covered, carved wood altar table with sacred scenes engraved on the front and either side.

Behind the altar is a large gray stone backdrop framed with white neon lighting.  In the center of the backdrop is a large crucifix with the larger than life-size corpus of Jesus hanging below a parchment inscribed with INRI (Iesus Nazarenus Rex Iudeorum, “Jesus of Nazareth, King of the Jews”) which serves as the focal point of the church.

The carved wood altar table, Bishop’s chair, celebrant’s chairs and lectern were added to the sanctuary around 2010 during the shepherdship of Msgr. T. Amruthraj.  These pieces of sacred furniture are made of dark wood which appears to be teak and are ornately carved.  The front of the altar table contains a beautiful 3-D carved rendition of the Last Supper with Jesus at the center of the table with the Disciples surrounding Him as He commemorates the first Eucharistic Celebration.  The altar top is supported by round and squared carved columns on either side and the top is edged with decorative carving including a beautiful depiction of a chalice and host adorned with stalks of wheat.  An image of St. Anthony with the Child Jesus is carved on the left side of the altar table.