St. Michael’s Church, Madikeri, India

Saint Michael’s Church is located on a large corner lot atop a hill over a busy traffic circle in the heart of Madikeri.

Upon entering the driveway to the large gated compound, one is greeted by a statue of the patron Saint Michael the Archangel with a spear raised to vanquish evil in the form of an unnamed animal.  The attractive, modern, one-story, stone faced structure is raised with the entrance doors twelve steps above the parking area. The church structure and compound are highlighted by a 50-foot cross-topped bell tower visible from throughout the hilly city

The compound has a large paved parking lot and buildings for some of the students in the 5 schools supported by the church.  Also on the grounds is a replica of the Grotto at Lourdes with an outdoor altar, and beneath it, a small chapel.  Just on the other side of a fence next to an administrative building is a beautiful, but now worn fountain adorned with a statue of Mary with Baby Jesus donated by the Ferrao family.

Over the center of the church is an entrance sign with “Come Let Us Gather Around” written in Kannada script, and above that is a larger-than-life statue of Jesus with outstretched arms.

The airy and peaceful interior of the church is beautifully appointed with a lovely sky blue-backdropped main altar.  The church is open daily for prayer with Mass at 7 am; and two Sunday Masses at 7:00 and 8:45 a.m.

Address: Madikeri – Virajpet Rd, Stuart Hill, Madikeri, Karnataka 571201, India

Phone: +91 94486 00834

Our Mother of Perpetual Help — St. Michael’s Church, Madikeri

On the left side of the pews is the ancient image of Our Mother of Perpetual Help in a glass frame surrounded by roses and multi-colored string lights.  The painting is draped with a sash and is an ideal portrait for contemplation and prayer.

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