Mother Mary and Baby Jesus Fountain — St. Michael’s Church, Madikeri

There is a lovely fountain with statues of Mother Mary and Baby Jesus on the western boundary of the compound.

The clothing and faces of the statues have become very worn in the seasonal damp and rainy weather of Coorg; but the construction materials in the area indicate that it may be restored to its original beauty. The plaque on the support column of the images indicates that it was donated by Richard and Lilly Ferrao of Madikeri. The surname of the donors leads one to think that the ancestry of Portuguese Catholics are part of the history of the parish – which is also evident on another plaque inside with church listing donor names (e.g. Pinto, Mendonca, Gomez, D’Souza, Rebello, etc.). That said, the plaque contains non-Portuguese names as well (e.g. Ganapathy, Bopaya, Chengappa, etc.) indicating the diversity of the parish.