Saint Joseph’s Church, Geneva, NE

Saint Joseph’s Church in Geneva, Nebraska is a new modern structure built in 1996-97 to replace the decades-old former church building on the same site.

The church, parish hall, administrative offices and rectory occupy a full one-half block just south of the County Courthouse in central Geneva. The spacious, open interior is full of light and decorative wood fixtures. The focus is a large crucifixion scene over a beautiful wood-backed altar beneath a triple-arch evoking the Holy Trinity. There are many lovely and historic stained-glass windows and statues in the church which were renovated and moved from the previous church. The church doors are generally open during hours that the administrative office is occupied, and when daily Mass and Saturday evening / Sunday morning Masses are held.

Address: 831 E St, Geneva, NE 68361

Phone: (402) 759-3225

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