Stained-glass Windows – St. Wenceslaus Church, Milligan, NE

Colorful stained-glass windows add sacred symbolism to the worship space with some of the windows added during construction of the existing church, and others moved here from the original church.

Round “rose windows” fill the peak space at both ends of the building and were donated as part of the construction of the existing building in the late 1970’s. All of the large rectangular windows were re-leaded and moved from the original church – there are three rectangular windows on the east-facing façade of the church, and four windows on either side wall that extend from the vestibule to the front.

The crowning window of the Holy Spirit at the peak of the wall on the front entrance is a “rose window” of primarily sky-blue demarcated by lines of red, as well as shades of pink and yellow. A dove at the center of the window radiates metaphoric grace along the twelve leaves of the window, as the Holy Spirit does on the attendees of the church. Above the sanctuary on the western end is a similarly-designed window showing the face of a suffering Jesus.

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