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This site will provide information to church visitors, travelers, historians and the faithful – especially, those interested in the sacred aspects of the churches and their saints. The physical attributes of Churches and Shrines: architecture, statues, altars and gardens provide a tangible structure for parishioners, devotees and visitors to anchor their worship practices. This website will highlight connections between the physical and the sacred.

Content and Organization
Churches and Shrines: photos and descriptions of structures, interiors, statues and gardens

  • India – primarily South India
  • California – Northern California including San Francisco, Sacramento and surrounds
  • Other places in the U.S.

Architecture & Symbolism: structural aspects, designs, patterns, colors, etc. contributing to sacred spaces.

Mary & Saints: information about Our Blessed Mother and favorite Saints.

Devotions: special ways to praise and honor God with Traditional Prayers and Litanies.

Blogs: discussions about topics of interest.

Books and More: Guides and literature for the churches and shrines on this website plus other relevant materials and articles. Proceeds from subscriptions and sales will be used to support the website, churches/shrines depicted therein and related causes.

All links and/or references to other websites were found to be useful and active at the time of publication and are provided for information only. This website and/or author is not responsible for the content or code of other linked websites and users should view those sites at their own discretion.

Content and Images
No content or images are to be used in whole or in part without the author’s express written permission unless specifically stated otherwise on the related content or image.

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