Cathedral of the Blessed Sacrament, Sacramento, CA

Address: 1019 11th Street, Sacramento, CA 95814


The centerpiece church of the Diocese of Sacramento, the majestic Cathedral of the Blessed Sacrament, is a physical marker in the historical development of Sacramento. The building has been changed, but unmoved over its 131-year history.
The triple-towered structure, topped by seven crosses and a large central dome, is the masterpiece of the Most Reverend Patrick Manogue (the first Bishop of the Diocese of Sacramento), who envisioned a church like the Englise de la Sainte-Trinite (Church of the Holy Trinity) in Paris near the seminary where he studied.
The historic structure has been updated and remodeled over the years, with the most significant renovation occurring in 2005 which brought back the best of the original design including the 115-foot high inner dome over the main altar.
The church contains many lovely statues, a rare piece of artwork of the Sistine Madonna and numerous exceptionally beautiful stained-glass windows.
The Cathedral is home to all important ecclesiastical events, but also serves Bishop Manogue’s original desire to have the church bind together pursuits of both the sacred and the secular; and is the location for many community events and concerts. The church is also a functioning parish with daily and weekend Masses.

Special things to see in the Church
> The architecture style of the Cathedral is a blend of influences called neo-Italian Renaissance
> The banks of stained glass windows throughout the building including German-styled, as well as contemporary designs
> Sacred artwork is available in the Stations of the Cross, the oil-paintings on the north and south walls – and in the beautiful murals of the side chapels
> The history of the Cathedral, State and Church is displayed in the cartouches in the entry vestibule and the names of saints and martyrs in the side altars
> Enshrined in the main altar is a relic of Saint Toribio Romo who was martyred in the Cristero War during the persecution of the Church in Mexico in the 1920’s and 1930’s

Interesting Fact(s) About the Church
Prior to priesthood, Bishop Patrick Manogue worked in the California gold fields and formed many friendships that would last a lifetime. Some of these friends became donors of the Cathedral, and other donors were prominent members of early-Sacramento. These contributors included:
> The four Irish miners of the Big Bonanza Company (including John McKay and James Fair) who were the first of the super-rich
> Mrs. Theresa Fair (ex-wife of Bonanza King miner, James Fair) and her daughters Birdie and Tessie
> Local businessmen such as retailer Anthony Coolot, shipping merchant Captain Thomas Dwyer, and Margaret Crocker, the wife of railroad executive Edwin Crocker
> Other prominent donors included names like McCarthy, Rigney, Bemerly and Kaseberg;
> Organizations, too, donated funds such as the Knights of Sacramento, St. Mary’s Church of Virginia City (Manogue’s first parish) and the Sisters of Mercy founded in Sacramento in 1857

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