Holy Rosary Church, Woodland, CA

Address: 301 Walnut Street, Woodland, CA

Website: https://www.holyrosary.com/

The landmark Holy Rosary Church in downtown Woodland is a massive neo-Romanesque structure which contains beautiful stained glass windows in its awe-inspiring space. The structure that opened in 1949 is on-par architecturally with the nearby local old and new courthouses and is home to a growing parish and parish school. In addition to the windows, the interior contains many unique traditional statues, as well as a beautiful shrine for Our Lady of Guadalupe so dear to the many of Hispanic descent in the parish and the community.
Note: The church building has recently been sold and Masses are now held in the Parish Community Center at 575 California Street in Woodland, near the corner of California and Cross Streets. See church website for details.

Special things to see in the Church
> Many beautiful stained glass windows depicting three Mysteries of the Rosary, as well as lovely rose windows at the end of each arm of the cross-shaped layout of the church
> Our Lady of Guadalupe Shrine, in an especially beautiful carved wood encasement
> Stations of the Cross are depicted in large oil paintings in wood frames along the side walls
> The prayerful Chapel of Saint Jude Thaddeus and a unique image of Our Lady of All Nations

Interesting Fact(s) About the Church
There have been four Holy Rosary Churches (thus far) in Woodland with the first church dedicated in 1870. The first and the third churches (built 1913) failed due to structural issues that developed from heavy rains and the difficult soil structure. The fourth church built in 1949 served the church well, and will be replaced by a larger, new structure near the Parish School and Center at California and Cross Streets.
The new site is near St. Joseph Cemetery where Father Michael Walrath, the Builder of Churches (and pastor for the building of the third Holy Rosary Church) is buried.

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