Infant Jesus Church & Shrine, Bangalore, India

Address: Bazaar St, Rose Garden, Vannarpet Layout, Viveka Nagar, Bengaluru, Karnataka 560047, India

The Infant Jesus Church and Shrine is a relatively new pilgrimage site in Bangalore dedicated to, and built upon, the devotion to a statue of a young Jesus known as the Infant Jesus of Prague. The parish was founded in 1972, the Shrine opened in 1989 and the Church inaugurated in 2005. The Church and Shrine compound attract thousands of visitors each year – both Catholics and non-Christians from across the world. The site is open year-round with daily Masses in three languages including English; and special Masses and events held on Thursdays with nine Masses in six languages. The period January 4th to January 14th each year is reserved for special activities culminating with the festival celebration of Infant Jesus including a parade of the statue on a palanquin through the local streets. The Church and Shrine complex is a venue for large celebrations, but there are also have several sacred spots available for contemplation.

Special things to see in the Church Complex
> Modern architecture design of Church
> Infant Jesus Shrine (separate building) with a beautiful image of the Infant King
> Miraculous Infant Jesus Museum
> Carved image of the Nativity Scene over the main altar (6 by 9 meters)
> Infant Jesus statue surrounded by red neon lights below the Nativity Scene panel
> Wood statue of Infant Jesus
> Stained glass windows of the Joyful Mysteries of the Rosary
> Glass-enclosed Shrine holding a statue of Our Lady of Vailankanni (across the road)

Interesting Fact(s) About the Complex
The location of the complex was previously popularly known as the “Rose Garden” which was filled with roses that were sold commercially; but it was also surrounded by thick vegetation, infested with snakes and poisonous reptiles. At night, the area was plunged into darkness since there were no street lights. However, that did not deter the priest, Rev. Fr. Paul Kinatukara who lead the effort to acquire the land, or the faithful who would eventually flock to the church. The land was acquired in the mid-1960’s and the story of the immensely popular Infant Jesus Church and Shrine was started.

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