St. Joseph’s Miraculous Shrine, Kannamaly, Kerala, India

The Miraculous Shrine of St. Joseph is located only a few yards from a busy highway along the coast of the Arabian Sea in Kerala, India. The shrine built in 1955 is associated with St. Antony’s Church which has a long history first started in 1745. The shrine and nearby chapel were started as a result of a miraculous healing of the community from a cholera epidemic in 1905. At that time, Fr. Joseph Swaras gathered the faithful together on March 19th, the Feast Day of St. Joseph. Fr. Swaras told the desperate and starving flock that they would either live together or die together from the epidemic, if it be the will of God. Fr. Swaras then blessed food and distributed it to the people. After eating, the people became energetic and filled with hope – and they found the cholera was gone and all were completely recovered. This set the stage for the annual Kannamaly festival where each March 19th, thousands of devotees gather to eat and pray together.

Address: SH 66, Kochi, Kerala, India

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